Getting Started
Evaluate your life:-

People frequently describe their lives as being good or bad, happy or unhappy. These broad generalisations provide little insight into one’s quality of life.

Furthermore they encourage the use of simple negative self statements. The focus of life coaching is to:-

  • acknowledging achievement as a means of establishing self esteem and a more realistic self evaluation;
  • identifying motivational keys which have been useful in the past and can be used again;
  • identifying potential areas of change.


Changing your habit of thinking.
The focus on pre-existing achievement also represents the first step towards changing your habit of thinking. Too often people say to themselves I can’t do it instead of how will I do it.

The first is negative and passive the latter a positive and active habit of thought. People often point to others and describe them as being “lucky”, “always in the right place at the right time”.

The reality is people with so called “luck” are always on the lookout for opportunity and use opportunities when they present themselves. They create their success, and this is the focus of life coaching.

To assist people in evaluating life I ask them to attempt to divide their lives into three basic areas, those of:-

  • independent lifestyle;
  • relationships and family;
  • career

For your needs to be met these areas should be balanced. A good life balance makes it easier to achieve. An imbalance can lead to frustration, fatigue and resentment.

After dividing their lives into these areas I ask a number of relatively basic questions which prompt thought and provide a foundation for goal setting.

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