Assessment services:-
A basic vocational assessment involves 3 aspects, these being interview, formal assessment and review of results.

The interview is used as a means of obtaining information about an individual’s:-

  • educational and occupational experiences;
  • perceived interests, strengths and weaknesses;
  • thoughts regarding occupational change and/or impact of study demands.

The formal assessment involves a completion of formal questions that relate to:-

  • occupational interests and work values and attitudes;
  • attitudes towards interpersonal interactions;
  • temperamental qualities relevant to study and/or work performance.

This information is then reviewed as a means of helping the individual examine options in an organised and critical manner; establish goals.

Assessment of intellectual and memory efficiency:-

This type of assessment can also be undertaken when there is a need to establish:-

  • appropriate training level;
  • specific weaknesses which might impact upon study and/or work performance.

After reviewing the information obtained counselling is sometimes suggested to address:-

  • anxiety which may impair study and examination performance;
  • classroom and study focus;
  • study and organisational skills;
  • self esteem and assertion skills beneficial in work situations.

Behavioural changes.

In identifying lifestyle changes people identify the specific behavioural changes such as:-

  • over eating;
  • smoking;
  • poor anger control;
  • lack of assertion;

in fact the list is never ending because as any behaviour or attitude you hold is amenable to change and can therefore be addressed through life coaching.

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