Life Coaching
How can your life coach help you
set goals?

People frequently express the desire to:-

  • feel happier;
  • be more motivated;
  • achieve more.

These are very general concepts which whilst reflecting a desire for change, do not provide:-

  • definite outcomes or achievements which can be monitored;
  • the stepping stones necessary to make change.

Your life coach will help you establish realistic short, medium and long term goals. Short term goals are of particular important as they:-

  • enhance motivation;
  • establish a clear direction of change;
  • make change a more comfortable process.

How does your life coach help you evaluate your life?

The first areas to be examined are those with which you are reasonably satisfied as they provide you with the opportunity to:-

  • recognise existing strengths and achievements which are often discounted or devalued;
  • identify strategies that you have used successfully to motivate yourself;
  • recognise you have made change in the past and can do so again, probably with greater focus, efficiency and satisfaction.

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